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WordPress Site design tips


EXPOSURE of WordPress Sites: Tips and Tricks

Search for the most customizable and the most popular platform in today’s world with respect to the publishing of one’s creative blogs or informative series, WORDPRESS seems to be a one-stop solution. The access to WordPress is absolutely easy and being free of cost makes it land up into the most knocking podium in the designing and creativity sequence.

Dealing with the concept of designing a website is always taken as a crucial task than developing it.Even  if one develops a dignified code and the user is enabled to carry on with the designing process, all lands up in vain


There are many tutorials available on various sites as well as many themes with regards to the designing process. At times when so many options and choices come in to play, the selection of the simplified process becomes so complex and confuses the user with the flow of dealing with even creating a simple account.

In order to save the time frame which is generally devoted to carrying on with the processing of WordPress configuration, the following are few simplified processes or can be termed as tips to design the site on WordPress platform:

  • In Flow with Today’s trending Designs

Though there is definitely a difference between the web trends and the fashion trends but the flow of the moving world is like that. One should be well familiar with the current trends by browsing the web in a general manner and should take that required extra effort to keep an eye to explore the major trends.

The trends in motion these days build in the concept where the images which are in the foreground move much faster as those in the background, something to catch the user’s eye deliberately. The basic concept lies being the popping up of headlines and attracting the attention of the users. This application is much easy to execute and develops a visual interest of the user.


  • Flexibility and Approachability

The designs of the website should be responsive towards adjustment to any screen size. Nowadays one comes across many multitude devices where the user expects the websites or the mobile phone applications to adjust their screen view, their functionality and display to move in accordance to that of the size of the screen.

It no more remains a daunting task, the developers these days have made it much easier and the coding program is moreover formed in accordance to make it more responsive.


  • Content should be made to be accessed with ease

Often we have heard this sentence, the first impression is the last impression. The user would always want to stick to the site which seems to be appealing with its flashy looks, the themes and the content.

The decisions whether to continue with the same surfing site or switch over to the next are made by a quick glance.

Everything on the screen should be made so user friendly including the navigation process so as to avoid any possibility of confusion. The site should be properly equipped with search options as well.

  • Highlight with WHITE

Even if the website is equipped with the trendiest themes, the beat of content and flashy looks to attracts the user’s attention at once, still the accomplishment done by highlighting the major tips or points by jotting it down with the background of white symbolizes its importance and makes the website turn heads every time it is visited.

It makes one read through it in a much simpler way providing a considerable smoothness to the eye.Highting with white proves to be an effective tip to designing the WordPress site.


  • Forms to be filled should be simple

Dealing with filling up the forms sounds to be a tedious task. Whether asked online or whether offline, a task which everyone wants to run away from. But it’s not easy to escape the formalities of filling them since they get countable during the password recoveries, the registration process, fetching up with the contact information, they just cannot be avoided. The only implementation which can be done is to ask only for the relevant and to the point information so as to avoid a hassle-free site access by any user.


The points discussed above if followed sincerely will result in more frequent visits and usage of the designed WordPress sites. Using the above tips one will be able to improve their looks and appearances.

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