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Website Development through WordPress Development

wordpress development

WordPress is ruling the market when it comes to developing the websites because of its scalability and works fantastic with low and medium traffic websites. Some of the common reasons why people prefer WordPress are: its exceedingly easy to use and beginner friendly, got strong community and perfect for non tech savvy entrepreneurs along with multiple hosting options.

There are overwhelming amount of information available on the internet when it comes to developing website with WordPress. WordPress currently powers about 50% of the sites out of all content management systems – that’s massive. Here in this article I have narrowed down the whole process to five different steps to create your website with WordPress.

1. Register Domain Name-

Domain is you address with which people will find you on the internet. Creating your domain name could be daunting and chances are some one already has taken the name. You got to be creative but yet simple and short. Its a good idea to register the domain with desired hosting provider which ensures easy managing.

2. Finding a Host-

Its kind of renting office space – but on the web. The host stores all your website files and displays it on your website to your site visitors. Hosting also means, you are buying security, speed, reliability and many more. While WordPress platform is free, domain and host name will cost you money.

3. Choosing WordPress as CMS- 

CMS (Content Management System) is the software to manage your website like windows on your PC. Good CMS would mean, easy management of pages, blogs, content, menu along with easy navigation. There are many CMS options but undoubtedly WordPress is the best in terms of security, ease of use and being an open source and its absolutely free. While its easy but there is a learning curve like any other software.

4. Website Appearance-

Basically its how you present your content, what people get to see when they visit your website. You don’t want to look like everyone or very dull , do you? That’s when you need theme….Literally WordPress theme is a mix of HTML, PHP, CSS and Java Script files coded to hold the content. There are hundreds of awesome and professionally designed themes in WordPress. Choosing your theme is your personal preference. In terms of installation, WordPress has made it really simple and there are number of guides available on the internet.

5. Add Content-

Content is the king- its the most important part of you website. Often its a misconception with beginners that the content is what comes with purchase of theme – that’s not the case. Great writing is an art, its organizing your pages and images. Based on your niche and expertise, you need to offer genuine content to your viewers. Focus on good content and watch your traffic grow steadily.

So Just Start!!!!

We always have too many inhibitions and starting something new is one of them…. 

I hope this article will help the newbies and people struggling to build their website for the first time. Make use of WordPress as its exploited in the right form. Not to mention, its proven time and again that website formed over WordPress are interesting and marked their presence on the web.


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