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Quickly deliver responsive, available websites to your customers with AWS Cloud Servers

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high-quality Websites to your customers with

A responsive, available website is a crucial component of your business. With AWS Cloud servers and Persys Web Technologies (Premium Hosting Provider in Nashik) support, you can quickly deliver websites to your customers anywhere in the world with low-latency.

There is no need to purchase hardware, build facilities, or find a co-location provider. And with access to a global infrastructure footprint that spans multiple geographic regions, you can safeguard the availability of your website even in the case of rare events like natural disasters. Whether your website has 100 visitors per week or 100 million, AWS allows you to provision what you need to keep your website running smoothly​

Why choose AWS Cloud Servers for your website?


Leverage a reliable, globally available infrastructure with low-latency web experience


Ensure that your web traffic is optimally distributed with the flexibility to scale up and down as needed.


Deploy your website in minutes or hours, never wait for hardware procurement.


Make your website more cost effective with access to
pay-as you-go web hosting infrastructure.

Launch your website in minutes . . !

With AWS, your organization can deploy a scalable and highly available website simply and quickly. Unlike traditional approaches that require you to find a co-location provider or build a data center, AWS allows you to reach your customers in minutes or hours instead of weeks or months. As your website traffic ebbs and flows, AWS automatically scales capacity up and down, allowing you to pay only for what you use and improving resource utilization in peak hours.

Common Use Cases


Your organization’s website is one of your most valuable ways of communicating with customers. Hosting your website on the AWS Cloud is fast, easy, and cost effective.


AWS helps you build internal business websites that share vital information within your organization and aid in collaboration while keeping information protected from those outside your organization.


Applications are the foundation of the modern Internet. Amazon Web Services provides the hosting services you need to make your application successful online.


Mobile applications rely on servers working behind the scenes to deliver information that makes them useful. AWS hosts mobile websites and mobile backends so you can focus on your app rather than infrastructure.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can host simple websites which typically consist of a single web server and runs either a Content Management System (CMS), such as WordPress, an eCommerce application, such as Magento, or a development stack, like LAMP.

Yes, single page web apps offer native or desktop app-like performance. They offer all the static website benefits (low cost, high levels of reliability, no server administration, and scalability to handle enterprise-level traffic) with dynamic functionality and blazing fast performance.

Yes, AWS Servers ensures that your web traffic is optimally distributed with the flexibility to scale up and down as needed.

Yes, Persys Web Technologies provide you 24×7 support via Phone calls, Live chat and Ticket support.

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