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Key SEO Tactics Everyone Must Know


This article attempts to detail a few techniques that can help to better your website.  

#1: Content should be relevant.

Good content that is relevant to your website is important. It is vital to have in mind the views of the customer and the target audience when the copy is written. They should be able to relate to the content; only then your website will attract them.


#2: Most of the SEO tactics are off-page.

As a website owner, it is crucial to understand that although there are a number of on-page techniques that have to be completed, a major portion of SEO work involves off-page work that helps to continuously improve the website.

#3: Features detection of objects is an important ranking factor.

Google attempts to detect images featured on the website and classifies them on the basis of their relevance to the content. If there are going to be pictured on your site, ensure that they are relevant to the topic of your website. This increases the changes to the website having a higher ranking.

#4: For Google, travel time is another factor that decides the website ranking.

‘Travel time’ according to Google is the amount of time that the user had to spend to get to a specific location. In short, if the user-to-be is closer to your office, your website could rank higher. This is precisely the reason why companies that do not take an active part in digital marketing still show up first on the search listings.

#5: Videos on landing pages improves list ranking.

It has been observed that integration of videos into the landing pages of a website increases the chances of the website making it to the first page of Google search listings. Static images are good, nut moving pictures surely tell better stories. If the users’ attention is held for a certain amount of time, it is almost sure that the conversion rate will increase. Google’s value attached to a video is high and it matters in issuing a rank to the page concerned.

#6: Importance of responsive websites is at an all-time high.

The website should be built responsive as most searches are conducted on mobile phones. The mobile seems to be the most widely used Internet search tools. In order that your brand gets the widest and valued exposure, it is worthwhile making your website mobile friendly. Any link clicked on the website should take the reader to the relevant page rather than your website homepage. If mobile users are left in the lurch, it is guaranteed that they will not return to your site.


#6: The optimization should be done for the audience and not the machines.

This requires the correct mindset and the right knowledge as to why you need to adopt SEO techniques for your website. If an individual enjoys visiting your site, they will always come back to it.

#7: Quality content is important.

From the metadata to your internal links, quality is important. The metadata should be such that it grabs the reader’s attention when the listing page pops up (SERPs). Even the URL name should be a sensible one and relevant to your website. See that your internal links make sense to the reader who wants information.

#8: Optimization trends should be moderately executed.

Do not carry optimization trends to an extreme like allowing low-quality guest blogs through spinning articles that are merely stuffed with keywords. It lowers the worth of your website and ultimately paved the way for its downfall.

#9: Use social media extensively and relevantly.

Your website pages should have buttons leading to your social media accounts. This will help interested readers to share the details of your brand with their friends and groups. This is a powerful but cheap way of effective advertisement. It is important that you do not miss out on this.

#10: It is a good idea to take SEO tips from the authorities.

All Google approved SEO tips are available on Google’s Complete Guide. Beginner’s Guide to SEO is yet another helpdesk that you can refer to. These resources can save you a lot of trouble.

The above are some SEO tips that every website owner planning to implement SEO techniques on their website should know.

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