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Five key elements of a good exit strategy that will earn you income.

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An exit strategy in website design is a planned means of dislodging ownership of a website by either closing it, passing it on or selling it to another party. During an exit strategy, most people often choose to just shut down the website yet they can still earn recurring revenue from it. A website can be profitable especially if you have been running it for a long time because this means that you have developed a lot of content on it, traffic, reliable customer engagement and so much more.

If you happen to make an exit strategy for your website, it is important to take into account these five key elements. These elements will help you know how much your website is worth or how you can improve its worth.make money online

1. The rate of traffic generated to your website. Website traffic is the number of visitors a website has. The easiest way one can ensure a high number of website visitors is by inserting their link into ‘click-on ads.’ However, despite the fact that click-on ads generate a higher traffic for the website, the traffic generated isn’t usually loyal to the website because they are directed to the website against their will. So it is always important to also look at advertising one’s website either on social media or other relevant platforms to ensure loyal web visitors.

2. The size of the email list which the website has generated. A website can generate this email list by providing an option for a person to subscribe to services the website provides. It is always important for website developers to use friendly language to persuade visitors into subscribing. Email marketers can buy these from you and generate income from them.

3. The rank of your website in google search. It is essential to make sure that your website appears among the top ten websites when certain keywords are searched online, because this makes it is really valuable. You can ensure the visibility of your website by using SEO when writing articles to post during website design & development.

4. The name of your domain also speaks volumes in an ensuring that you still earn income after an exit strategy. A good domain name is that which is known and can be remembered by customers off head. Good domain names usually relate to the brand they represent and a quite short. For example, the domain ‘google’ is short and can easily be memorized by anyone.

5. Lastly, the numbers of links available that point to your website. It is important to make good use of the present linking strategies available during website design & development. Some of the linking strategies include inbound linking strategy or the use of anchor texts which involves writing summarized but natural sentences that link to the website. Website developers however shouldn’t just aim at generating links to their home or contact pages, they should also create relevant content that the visitor will find useful to do away with generating high bounce rates as it is known, the higher the bounce rates, the less visible your website will be to search engines.

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