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Design Your Website Using Divi Theme


Divi Theme:

Divi is the most popular theme in the market. With the help of divi theme it is quite possible you can design almost any kind of websites.

With the help of divi theme you can design ecommerce, architecture, cafe, interior, business, and marketing etc websites.

Any kind of websites can be made through the help of divi theme.

Divi Builder

When we install divi theme we get divi builder plug-in as well.Through the help of divi builder plug-in it is very easy for us to design the websites.


Divi Builder Section

Standard Section:

Standard Section is used to insert the columns in 1/2 , 1/3, 2/3, 1/4 etc parts.

FullWidth Section:

FullWidth Section is used when we have to insert any full-width size image, fullwidth header, fullwidth portfolio, fullwidth sidebar etc.


Speciality Section:

Speciality Section is used when we have to insert the columns in the customization form


Divi Theme Modules:

In Divi Theme you can find different kinds of modules like tabs, section,accordian etc.

It is just drag and drop features if we want to use any modules then simply we can drag and drop the features and use it


Section Module Settings:

In Section Module we can set the background color, text color, background image etc.


Divi Theme Layout:

When we install divi themes we get almost 60+ layouts free to install and use in our websites. The 60+ layouts are made up of divi themes but with different designing and ideas.

Different Layouts which are made in divi theme are:

Architect, Restaurant, Fashion, Coffee-Shop, Travel, Interior, Digital-Payments, Digital-Marketing, Business-Coach, Crypto currency etc.

There are many more layouts of different designing.


You can browse all our layouts in in Divi Themes Collections Category.

Divi Theme Header Format:

5 Header Styles are Available in Divi Themes

  1. Default
  2. Centered
  3. Centered Inline Logo
  4. Side In
  5. Full Screen

Default Header Styles:

  1. Centered Inline Logo
  1. FullScreen:

Enable Vertical Navigation-Right Alignment

  1. Centered:

4. Slide-In


6. Enable Vertical Navigation-Left Alignment


In-short the divi theme is very versatile theme having all features like:

  1. Real Time Design
  2. Customization with font, colors, sizing etc.
  3. Choosing rows, Inserting column.
  4. 60+ Layouts pack with extra-ordinary designs.
  5. Import and Export: Save layouts and later we can use in our page.
  6. Different Header Styles.
  7. Different Page-Styles and Layouts.
  8. Responsive Editing

A Theme You Can Trust

The world’s most popular WordPress themes for over 8 years and you can rest assured knowing that Divi.

A Theme Clients Will Love

User’s have  love for Divi because it gives them power to customize their own content without having to learn the extras of an often-confusing WordPress interface.

Control Client Access

Divi is one of the only themes to offer a comprehensive roles system. Limit what your clients can do in the Divi Builder to prevent them from messing up with your design!

Build Unlimited Sites

Unlike some premium WordPress themes, it doen’t require you to purchase additional licenses each time you build a new client website.

All this pack could be your, just a few clicks away.

You can get all of this at –  including web development services.

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